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The Man Who Walks for South Africa's Boers | Jason Bartlett, TPS #642

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We start the night discussing with Jason Bartlett, then we'll have a look at the news. Watch & Send Questions on Entropy: Jason Bartlett on Twitter: Jason Barlett on The Web: Get JF's book, The Revolutionary Phenotype, in hardcover, paperback or audiobook format. ???? Hardcover: ???? Paperback: ???? Audiobook: ✔ New! Become a YouTube Channel Member: ✔ New! Donate with NewProject2: ✔ Donate with Streamlabs: ✔ Donate through SubscribeStar: ✔ Donate through Patreon: ✔ Donate monthly with PayPal: ✔ Donate through Paypal: ✔ BTC: 3Fcv3ynXLX5SJaWN87Viap84E9ZDCLcXyt ✔ ETH:...
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