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AWK Dec 11 NEWS: Report exposes "Obama's Dossier." 2019- Year of the Boomerang.

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Get The World Famous Patriot Flashlight! Click Here! Use Promo Code "know20" for 20% OFF ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Coreys Digs - Nader, Khawaja, Clintons, Pope Francis, and Elite Converge in UAE & Africa: 3 Sailors Killed: Turley takes down DEMS: Threat on Turley's life: Patrick Howley: Operation Freedom interview by Dave Janda with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney: Hong Kong Shooting: NAS shooter wrote anti-Israel Tweets- OANN briefing on Trip to Ukraine: Twitter post on OANN Trip: CNN story covers up Soros visit to Ukraine...LIES: MOssad search on Twitter:...
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