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Red Flag Laws and Cattle Cars: "I Was Just Doing My Job"

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In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the enforcement of unconstitutional Red Flag Laws and the recent targetting of a Marine Veteran in Oregon. As the Left becomes more and more radicalized and violent, their minions in government have begun disarming citizens and violating their civil rights. Patriot Nurse speaks to both citizens and law enforcement today. Patreon: Subscribestar: Bitcoin: 3FxJWbSL9nFSMRgymSsicniPxTPd26Kuvj Ethereum: 0x5134d6f2700Fa21cEcE6ED1ABDE240b3B320bDDd Litecoin: MC1qkabuDXGCrjNcXwxvz5qgtsFGVpXYKF Take my CLASS:
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