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Porsche Taycan WORLD EXCLUSIVE genuine first drive & launch control testing 0-200kph | Fully Charged

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The Fully Charged Show is given exclusive access to get Jonny Smith behind the wheel of the new first Porsche all electric car - the Taycan - and drive it full throttle from 0-124 mph (200 km/h) dozens of times. The Taycan is a twin motor 600+hp, 96kWh, 800-volt 4-door 4-seater coupe with a supposed range of 320 miles. It can reach 0-62 in just over 3 seconds repeatedly, and can rapid charge at over 250kW. Prices for this 'Turbo' launch model will be around £130,000 with cheaper/slower versions kicking off around £65,000 within 18 months of the car's launch...
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