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Sundown SCV-3000D vs Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX Amp Dyno Test (4K)

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All the new kids know Sundown, all the old school guys remember Orion and their HCCA amps way back to the mid 1980's. Well, over the years, Orion has changed owners, but kept the red HCCA amps as their top performers. Today we'll compare a $880 Sundown SCV-3000D to a $700 Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX. Do you have your chips on red or black? Korean 3-3.5kW Amp Comparison Playlist: Buy OSS T-Shirts and More here: See things I buy on Amazon: Send me a few bucks if you want to support: My Favorite Screwdriver Kit: Test...
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