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Pocahontas Was a Mistake, and Here's Why!

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But there's a benefit to losing... you get to learn from your mistake. So don't worry, we're gonna fix colonialism, y'all! Twitter: Patreon: Sources: Cochran, Jason. "Pocahontas Needed an Ethnic Look." Time Inc, 16 June 1995. Web. 16 July 2017. Dekneef, Matthew. "5 Beautiful Versions of 'Aloha Oe,' Queen Liliuokalani's Most Famous Song." Hawaii Magazine. N.p., 02 June 2017. Web. 16 July 2017. Durian, Annie The Amazing. "Disney Magazine: Cast and Crew Interviews." The Waterfalls: Cast and Crew Interviews. Disney Adventures Magazine, 1995. Web. 16 July 2017. Elaine Dutka | Elaine Dutka Is a...
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