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Super Mario Odyssey Accused of Racism & Cultural Appropriation - AlphaOmegaSin

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AlphaOmegaSin rants about Super Mario Odyssey being accused of cultural appropriation. Nintendo E3 2017 showed Super Mario Odyssey on Switch and people said Mario is racist because of him wearing a sombrero....these people literally exist & think this & are upset. Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely amazing & no amount of idiots are gonna make gamers think others but we should mock them none the less. Share this around and let others know. Background music from Mega Man X on SNES AlphaOmegaSin Patreon - AlphaOmegaSin Twitch - AlphaOmegaSin VidMe - AlphaOmegaSin Site - AlphaOmegaSin Shirts -...
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