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INSANELY FAST 2.5 Loon Cycle & Loon FREEZE! Pompeyo MAGIC in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale Pro Tips series continues on Clash With Ash! In today's episode we'll review some gameplay from the end of the last season by pro player Pompeyo4 highlighting his two favorite Balloon decks. Loon Freeze and Loon Rage Cycle! I'll also thank you guys for helping get me to 300k subscribers and show off my new DXRacer chair from (see shownotes for more info!) *Shownotes* My DXracer chair from (be sure to use coupon code "ASH" for 10% ANY chair! - 10 Questions for Pompeyo- Pompeyo Graveyard Deck- Ash's 12 Win Witch Grand Challenge...
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